Hi, I'm David Mack. In 2006, I decided to build my own Van's Aircraft RV-7 200+ mph two seat homebuilt aluminum airplane and this is a log of the experience.

Monday August 15, 2022
Canopy Handle, Painting, Empennage Fairing Sanding
(0.2 Hours Canopy, 1.0 Hours Empennage, 0.1 Hours Interior Painting)
1.4 Hours Total

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I reattached the handle to the canopy now that it's repainted.

I painted the other side of these aft section of the instrument panel braces.

Then, I spent an hour sanding and trimming the empennage fairing. I cleco'd it back to the empennage/fuselage to see how it's fitting. It's much better than it was before.

This section around the right horizontal stabilizer to fuselage joint still needs a bit of filling and sanding for these gaps.

The gaps between the fairing and the horizontal/vertical stabilizer skins have been nearly eliminated. I still need to sanding down the edges where I laid up the epoxy/flox.

The front looks really good.

The left side looks good as well.

The joint between the left side of the horizontal stabilizer and the fuselage is really nice--no big gaps anywhere. I want to make the right side look like this.

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