Tuesday July 18, 2006
More work in the shop (Shop Setup)

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I keep tinkering with the shop, improving it a little bit here and there. I don't have anything else to do in there at the moment.

My dad and I built the third work bench from the remaining pieces of MDF and plywood. This one is 3'x4' with a 2" overhang all the way around. I'm still thinking about which bench should be the "equipment bench"--with the drill press, bench grinder, etc...-- and which two will be the work benches. At the moment, I'm leaning towards making one of the 2'x5' tables the equipment table and having the second 2'x5' and the 3'x4' tables for work benches, but I really don't have a clue as to how I'll be using them once I start building.

I have the plugs and wire to add two electrical outlets to the equipment bench once I determine which one it will be. I'll power the bench from an extension cord. This will save me having to power each device individually.

I bought two more of the flourescent light fixtures and hung them in the garage. All four fixtures (a total of 8 bulbs) illuminate the workshop/garage to a satisfactory degree. I wired a second electrical outlet from the one that was there for the earlier lights to power the new ones.

I ordered a cheap drill press and bench grinder from Harbor Freight, ordered a nice wireless drill that was recommended on the VAF forums, and picked up a decent bench vise from Lowes. My plan is to make the Avery Tools tool kit purchase (and possibly the empennage purchase) at Oshkosh in a week and a half. I'm hoping that there will be some incentives or discount specials in effect for Airventure.

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