Sunday July 13, 2008
Fuel Tank Prep, Riveting/Sealing (Fuel Tanks)
6.0 Hours

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First thing today, I sanded out some scratches from the fuel tank skin. I think they're inevitable with the great force required to get the ribs into position. Then I dimpled all of the holes in the skin.

I deburred and dimpled the holes in the stiffeners and ribs.

Finally, I scuffed and cleaned the rivet lines on the fuel tank skin.

Here are some rivets, soaking away in a lovely MEK bath.

With no excuse left, I began to seal stiffeners in place. This is what I got done with my first batch of pro seal. Ahhhh, the smell... I do think the sealant is slightly easier to work with in the warmer temperatures.

With the second batch, I finished the last two stiffeners, globbed sealant on the rivet heads, and riveted the fuel filler neck and drain flange.

Here's the drain flange after lots of cleanup.

I can't wait to be done with fuel tanks forever!

By the way, I have a technical counselor visit scheduled for Tuesday evening. It will be a great load off my mind to have an experienced set of eyes evaluate my work.

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