Sunday December 28, 2008
F-706 Bulkhead Work (Bulkheads)
2.8 Hours

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Today, I continued to work on the F-706 bulkhead. Here are the main bulkhead pieces out for deburring and fluting. If you have keen eyes, you may notice that the piece closest to the camera has been fluted already, but has been fluted backwards. Oops... Not a big deal, though. I flattened the flutes with the hand seamer and re-fluted in the proper direction.

See the pretty flutes... It took a while to debur these with all of the little notches. Reminds me of the endless wing rib deburring.

I enlarged the holes for the rudder cables.

And measured and drilled holes for the static lines.

More fabrication. I think this is F729-C.

Then, I cut this angle to length and back-drilled it to the F729-B rib.

Finally, I cut the F728 angle to length. It still needs to be drilled to the channel.

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