Hi, I'm David Mack. In 2006, I decided to build my own Van's Aircraft RV-7 200+ mph two seat homebuilt aluminum airplane and this is a log of the experience.

Monday December 26, 2022
Various Left Wing Tasks
(2.6 Hours Wing Tips, 1.0 Hours Wings)
3.6 Hours Total

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Emily helped me get down the left wing and I did some sanding on the wing tip.

Then we got down the right wing as well. I took the blue plastic off immediately after this shot.

I pulled some string through the conduit and tied it off at both ends. I can use this to pull wires through.

I made a new lens for the landing light cut-out (the old one had too much of a gap around it.

I laid up some fiberglass in a couple of spots on the inside of the wing tip to help strengthen some weak areas.

Then I put down some epoxy+microballoons in the low spots on the top. I think this will take one or two more coats to fill in.

I had previously put some epoxy on the inside of the corners of the wing tip lens cutout. Today I drilled the holes through the lens into the tip/epoxy and then tapped those holes for 6-32 screws. Here it is attached.

I still need to finish the surface of the tip (including priming) and install the navigation/strobe light in the tip cutout. I may install wiring from the landing light, nav/strobe light, and pitot tube (for heat) and leave a mate-n-lok style connector at the wing root. I also have the pitot mount to rivet in place and the aileron stop to install. Then the left wing should be pretty much done.

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