Tuesday February 27, 2007
Wing Leading Edge / Tank Rib Deburring (Wings)
4.0 Hours

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I finished up the leading edge ribs tonight and began working on the fuel tank ribs. The four end ribs (two for each tank) are particularly thick and took a while longer than usual. The interior tank ribs look like this.

I take my time with this edge deburring, as you can tell. The "teeth" in the leading edge and tank ribs require a lot of tedius work. When I look at other builders' web sites, I don't see them spending this amount of time on this job, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. But, I suppose it's better to do too much than too little.

Only eight more ribs left to do. Yay.

And a gratuitous shot of all of the wing ribs.

Hopefully the replacement E-705 rib for my left elevator will arrive soon. I'd like to finish that up before I start on the wings in earnest.

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