Saturday March 10, 2007
Trim Tab Riveting (Left Elevator)
4.0 Hours

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After some input from the VAF boards, I decided to carry on despite the problems I mentioned before.

So, I carefully clamped the trim tab to my elevator and drilled the other side of the hinge.

It came out quite well. This gap isn't perfect, it narrows a little as you travel aft, but it's a very minor issue.

Then I fabricated a couple of small shims to lift my trim servo up off of the rivet shop heads that were interfering with it.

Then I pseudo-installed the servo and ran it back and forth with a 9 volt battery to see how it fit. It's quite a trick getting it in and out of this hole. There's a very specific way you have to hold it as you do it.

The jack screw comes out in the right place when you fully retract the servo arm.

Here's the threaded rod that will eventually connect the servo and trim tab.

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