Wednesday March 14, 2007
Right Wing Spar/Rib Drilling, Deburring (Wings)
4.0 Hours

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Here's a random shot of our lovely cat, Ophelia.

In other news, I started this evening by deburring all of those holes for the pitot/AOA system that I drilled out last night. I also deburred the 7/16" holes that already existed in the ribs.

Then, I clecoed the right wing spars and ribs together and match drilled them. This all goes together in a very specific pattern. You have to be very careful.

Most of the drilling was just match drilling prepunched holes, so I used my #30 reamer for that. In a few cases, like this one in the picture below, the holes in the ribs don't match the holes in the spar. You use the holes in the spar to drill new holes in the ribs, leaving the old pre-punched holes alone. This just makes it easier for Vans, as they can manufacture a whole bunch of identical ribs rather than having to customize a few for different hole patterns.

Here's another shot, just because it's so cool seeing the wing take shape (Mythbusters in the background).

I removed several of the outboard main ribs to get access to drill these five leading edge ribs.

Finally, I disassembled everything and deburred all of the holes that I'd drilled.

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