Sunday March 18, 2007
Wing Jig Construction, Rib Priming (Wings)
1.5 Hours

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This morning, I went to Lowes with my dad and we picked up a bunch of hardware and lumber to build the jig for my wings. I don't count stuff like jig construction as part of my airplane building time, so it isn't included in the time for this log entry.

Here it is, partially completed. We basically copied Brad Oliver's design. It allows the garage door to be operated, which is convenient. One of my work benches is sitting under the jig in this picture. The use of the jig will become more apparent to you at a later date.

I still need to glue the legs to the floor and attach the aluminum angle that will support the wings.

Later, I wiped all of the wing ribs down with lacquer thinner and then built a little priming table out of chicken wire and scraps from the wing crates. It looks really rickety, but it was actually very stable and worked nicely while I sprayed a bunch of primer.

I ripped the table apart after I was done, since I don't have space to store something that large.

The wing ribs are primed and ready to be riveted to the spars! My intention at this point is to work on only one wing at a time, so I'll set aside half of the ribs for now.

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