Thursday March 22, 2007
Riveted Right Wing Rear Spar (Wings)
2.0 Hours

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Tonight, I riveted the right wing rear spar to the ribs. First, though, there were a number of holes that had to be dimpled, where the rear spar bottom flange overlaps some rib holes.

Then, I used my pneumatic squeezer to set the rest of the rivets. Once again, you have to be careful not to set rivets that will attach other things later. You can see holes that have been left empty in the pictures below for the flap and aileron braces.

The outboard-most rib attaches to the rear spar and the reinforcement plate with four AN426AD4 flush head rivets. This allows the aileron end hinge to sit over these rivet heads. I royalled screwed up one of these rivets--its head was sitting out from the spar web by a good 1/16", so I drilled it out and set a new rivet in the hole.

I'm at the point now where I need to set the wing in the jig to proceed. First, though, I have to finish installing the hardware that will hold the wing while it's in the jig.

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