Friday March 23, 2007
Wing Jig Work (Wings)

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Today, I got back to work on my wing jig. After a quick break to watch a movie this afternoon and a trip to the hardware store, the first order of business was to mount these braces for the arms I had mounted before.

Next, I bolted a 5" piece of aluminum angle to the outboard rib. I strayed from Van's suggestion here and flipped the angle upside down, so it would end up at about the same height as the other end of the spar.

Here's the wing set in the jig for the first time.

Pretty good...

The inboard end is simply clamped to the angle, with some wood blocks to protect the spar.

And here's the outboard end bolted together, after another trip to the hardware store.

Finally, I started working on the lower supports for the rear spar. I'll pick up here tomorrow.

Right now, I have a spare 2x4 holding up the middle of the rear spar to keep it from sagging. I bought some 4x4 lumber tonight to build a little jack to set in the middle of the rear spar.

I will be extricating wing skins from under the bed, very soon.

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