Friday March 30, 2007
Drilled Z-brackets for Right Fuel Tank (Fuel Tanks)
2.5 Hours

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First, I finished putting together the right fuel tank.

Then, I started working on these Z-brackets that hold the fuel tank up off of the spar. Van's tells you one way to drill them, but many builders use another method created by Dan Checkoway to get more accurate holes. I'm following his method.

First, you draw a line down one flange of the Z-bracket, set slightly in from center.

Next, you drill one hole in the center of the bracket, through the line.

With the center hole drilled, you bolt the Z-bracket to the spar with a single throw-away bolt.

You need to be sure that the Z-bracket is squared to the spar.

Once you have the bracket set, you back drill the other two holes through the spar.

All of the Z-brackets for the right fuel tank are drilled to the spar.

Next, I'll install nutplates on these Z-brackets, bolt them to the spar, and set the fuel tank in place and drill the z-brackets to the tank baffle.

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