Sunday April 1, 2007
Fuel Tank Stuff (Fuel Tanks)
2.5 Hours

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I started today by tapping out a scrap nutplate to use as a drill guide for the nutplate attach rivet holes. I bolted it down onto each bolt hole in the Z-brackets and drilled the rivet holes.

Then I countersunk all of those holes on the bottom for AN426 rivets and riveted the nutplates onto all of the Z-brackets.

Next, I bolted all of the Z-brackets to the spar.

And set the fuel tank in place. This looks even cooler than anything before!

Unfortunately, the fit isn't great. This is the section where the fuel tank and leading edge sections meet. As you can see, the fuel tank skin is not following the same contour as the leading edge skin.

This is the gap between the bottom of the fuel tank skin and the top main wing skin. It tightens up if I pull down on the top of the fuel tank.

I'm not sure what I need to do to get this to line up better. The holes between the fuel tank skin and ribs line up fine. If I pull down on the top of the fuel tank, it pulls closer in line to the leading edge.

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