Wednesday March 19, 2008
Fuel Tank Cap & Drain (Fuel Tanks)
1.2 Hours

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Tonight, I started by drilling the inboard fuel tank rib for the vent line. Here's the hole with the angle fitting that will go in the hole eventually. The other hole you see is for the BNC connector for the capacitive fuel senders.

I read through my books' sections on liquid lines and plumbing, which was informational. It's good to know more about this stuff.

Next, I drilled one of the deluxe fuel tank caps to the tank. It's contoured to match the curve of the skin.

The alignment wasn't perfect, but it's more than acceptable.

I fabricated this little bracket that will eventually support the vent line as it runs right past the cap. It's not as pretty as some other builders', but it will do the job fine.

I then drilled the drain valve to the bottom of the skin. It's already countersunk...

Finally, I countersunk the fuel tank cap flange where it will sit under the skin. The holes above this in the skin get dimpled and will sit in these countersinks.

It was late and time to go to the gym, so that's all I got done tonight. It's neat getting into things like the fuel tank feels like progress.

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