Friday April 4, 2008
Left Leading Edge Prep & Fuel Tank Sealing
(3.8 Hours Fuel Tanks, 2.7 Hours Wings)
6.4 Hours Total

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Emily was still working this afternoon, so I started working on preparing the leading edge for riveting.

First, I drilled holes for the rivets to attach nut plates to the splice plate and then riveted them to the plate. This required dimpling the nut plates, which seems a little lame. While I was at it, I deburred and dimpled everything on the splice plate.

Then I spent a while deburring and dimpling all of the leading edge ribs. I also deburred and partially dimpled the leading edge skin.

After supper, Emily helped me knock out the other four interior fuel tank ribs. They are riveted and sealed.

This was a lot of hard work...I'll be glad when it's done.

Here's a shot inside after I had blobbed each shop head with sealant and formed a fillet around the edges.

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