Sunday April 13, 2008
Wing Prep
(0.2 Hours Fuel Tanks, 4.8 Hours Wings)
5.0 Hours Total

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Today, I started by deburring, edge prepping, and dimpling the inboard top wing skin and the skin doubler.

Just lots of repetitive tasks...nothing interesting to talk about.

The main wing skeleton is naked again. I deburred and dimpled the entire skeleton.

Here's a spot where I screwed up with the pneumatic squeezer in the rear spar. Not sure yet what I'm going to do to fix this.

Later, I countersunk all of the skin to spar holes.

And then I clecoed the leading edge together for riveting. Looking at this picture, I just realized that I forgot to cleco the splice plate into place on the end rib in the foreground of this shot.

As far as the fuel tank is concerned--I finally pulled it down from the shelf late tonight. I discovered that there must have been some pressure build up inside the tank yesterday, because there was a neat little hole in the new sealant I had gobbed into the leaky corner yesterday. So, I removed as much of that sealant as I could and gobbed some new stuff into the corner. I also removed the fuel pickup line cap so the pressure can equalize as necessary.

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