Thursday April 17, 2008
Leading Edge (Wings)
2.0 Hours

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Emily helped me pound out the rivets on the inboard leading edge rib. Here it is sitting on the main spar. Before we can rivet it to the spar, I'm going to install a Duckworks landing light kit. It's supposed to be easier with the leading edge off of the wing.

Duckworks gives you a template that you tape to the leading edge in a specific position and mark for a hole. I made rough cuts with a cutoff wheel in my die grinder. It was certainly a bit nerve wracking to be cutting into my nice leading edge skin.

Then, I used my tin snips to enlarge the hole a bit more. I used a Scotchbrite wheel on my die grinder to final size the hole and finished with some Emery cloth. I think it came out really well.

By the way, Van's response on the double dimple on my rear wing spar was to ignore it and rivet it as if it were normal.

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