Friday April 18, 2008
Landing Light (Wings)
0.8 Hours

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This evening, I continued (or tried to continue) with the landing light installation. Here I've drilled the little reinforcing strips that will eventually get riveted to the lens.

Then, I drilled holes for nutplates in the outboard rib and next rib that will hold the light mounting plate. At this point, I dropped the mounting plate into place between the two ribs and noticed that it's about 1/2" too short. You can see in the next two pictures that the flange of the bracket does not actually meet the rib web.

This is not right. I'm gonna have to nose around and see if I can find out what's going on with this. A quick search on VAF didn't turn up any similar experiences...I may have to contact Duckworks.

Here's the fuel tank, still inflated from last Tuesday or Wednesday or whenever it was. The balloon has clearly deflated some, but like my Dad told me yesterday, these types of balloons are permeable and eventually lose pressure. Still, this is a pretty good sign to me that the tank is solidly leak-free.

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