Sunday April 27, 2008
Riveted Leading Edge, Misc (Wings)
4.8 Hours

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Emily helped me rivet the leading edge ribs to the spar. We had a few "oops" moments (as you can see in the below picture), but most of them came out fine.

Then I squeezed the leading edge skin to spar rivets.

Next, I installed the fuel tank on the wing.

The leading edge gap is not too bad.

There is some pillowing, however, that doesn't look very attractive.

I could not get the center bolt on the end Z-bracket to screw into the nut plate. It turns out I installed the wrong nut plate in this spot, so I drilled it out and installed the correct one.

I also installed this shim under the leading edge skin to help match with some of the pillowing in the fuel tank skin.

Finally, I clecoed the top skins on to work on the "scarf joint" in the area where they overlap.

The idea is that you taper the two skins in this area so they don't protrude above the fuel tank skin. I still have some work to do on the joint.

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