Tuesday June 17, 2008
Aileron Stiffeners, Wing Skin Riveting
(0.5 Hours Ailerons, 1.2 Hours Wings)
1.8 Hours Total

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Tonight, I headed out to the shop before Emily was ready and started snipping aileron stiffeners out of their pre-punched stripts (four to a strip, snip between the dots). There are quite a few of them. I finally finished rough cutting them. Next will be to shape them up on my bench grinder.

Emily came out and we whipped out 5 or 6 ribs on the top outboard skin. She's really great at shooting rivets.

Later, I came out and squeezed more rivets along the rear spar. The only ones I had to drill out tonight were 6 on the rear spar where I used rivets that were too short in the area where the doubler is for the aileron pushrod passthrough. I was cranking them out and then realized my mistake later when I went to review the shop heads.

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