Sunday June 22, 2008
Aileron Deburring, Priming, Dimpling (Ailerons)
2.5 Hours

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Camping was great this weekend--the mountains were beautiful and it was nice to get away from all of the stresses of civilization. Even so, I still found my mind wandering back to the plane.

After we got home today, I headed out to the garage and finished deburring the aileron stiffeners from Friday.

Then, I prepped the mating side of the stiffeners (the part that will sit against the aileron skins) for priming and shot a light coat of primer on them. I'm not going to bother to prime the non mating surfaces on these things--there's really no need.

Then I deburred and dimpled the stiffener rivet holes in the aileron skins.

The next steps will be to dimple the stiffeners and then back-rivet them to the skins. I also need to build a new bending brake (the old one is warped and crappy) for bending the aileron skins, just like what I had to do with the elevators.

You may be wondering why I'm working on the ailerons rather than getting to work on the left wing. Mainly, it's because I haven't gone to Home Depot yet to buy the other parts for my wing cradle, but it's also nice to work on something different before I repeat all of those wing steps again. Like the other fuel tank, for instance.

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