Wednesday July 26, 2006
Random Stuff (Miscellaneous)

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The cordless drill came the other day. It's definitely cheap; nonetheless, it should work better than my existing drill. For some reason, I expected it to come with two batteries, but there is only one. While I still plan to order a pneumatic drill with my RV tool kit, I've read many posts that recommend having a cordless around.

I would have more pictures for you, but the LCD on our digital camera cracked somehow. There's no visible damage to the exterior of the camera, but the display shows crack lines and very crazy colors when you attempt to use it. I ordered a replacement LCD display for the camera and I hope to have it replaced and working for Oshkosh on Friday.

I've seen a few nice looking deals on RV tool kits at Oshkosh so far. I'm fairly confident that I'll make that purchase while I'm there.

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