Monday June 30, 2008
Flaps Prep, Drilling (Flaps)
3.2 Hours

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Lacking anything else to do, I started on the flaps tonight. The instructions have you debur the edges and lightening holes of the spars first, for some unknown reason, so I did. The die grinder with a small scotchbrite wheel makes quick work of the holes.

Drilled the ribs to the spars...

Drilled the bottom skin to the ribs. I had to fashion some tiny shims to fit between the back of a few of the ribs and the "rear spar" formed by the bend in the bottom skin.

These are .025" shims that go between the end ribs and the top skins where they stick out. Then you match drill the holes on the ends.

Next, I very carefully drew the 1/4" line indicated by the plans onto the piano hinge, clamped it in place under the spar, and started drilling.

I completed drilling the hinge on one flap. It's tedious and painstaking, but not very difficult. Obviously, the hinge is too long and I'll need to trim off the ends.

The replacement aileron reinforcement plate and left wing walk doubler are on their way here via UPS. Hopefully, they'll arrive before the July 4th holiday so I can make some progress over the long weekend.

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