Friday July 4, 2008
Flap Drilling, Deburring, Priming (Flaps)
3.2 Hours

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I bent the flap attach brackets to the specified 6.3 degrees (or somewhere close to that.

Here's the contraption I used to get a good bend in the bench vise. This bend was easy to get right. I made a few iterations while checking the fit to get it perfect.

I clamped the angle to the spar and match drilled the three holes on the end through the spar. Then I match drilled the holes on the angle into the spar. While doing this, I managed to drill my finger (slightly) for the first time! I'm finally a legitimate RV builder! :-p It's a rite of passage.

Next, I drilled the bent bracket to both the angle and the end rib. Easy stuff.

Here's the other flap.

Next, I deburred holes and edges on both bottom flap skins.

Also deburred and primed the spars and attach brackets.

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