Saturday July 5, 2008
More Flap Deburring, Prep (Flaps)
3.8 Hours

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The first thing I did today was to rivet these angle brackets to the spars. Here's a word of advice: dimple the top spar flange before you rivet these on. I ended up having to countersink the top end hole on both spars because of interference.

I deburred edges and holes and dimpled all of these ribs. I hate deburring ribs--so many little nooks and crannies.

Somewhere in here I also deburred holes and edges on both flap top skins. Apparently, I forgot to take a picture. Use your imagination.

I also dimpled the top flange of both flap spars.

The bottom flange of the spar gets countersunk rather than dimpled so you don't have to countersink the hinge. I clecoed the hinge in place, per the instructions, to give the countersink bit a guide.

Finally, I trimmed the ends off of both hinges and polished them up.

Hopefully, I can start riveting the flaps together tomorrow. The plans recommend building a simple V-shaped jig to hold them in place during riveting. I've heard that riveting these suckers together is a pain in the butt due to bad access.

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