Saturday July 19, 2008
Aileron Misc (Ailerons)
0.8 Hours

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Between a migraine this week, helping Emily with her bathroom remodeling project, and other stuff, I haven't been very productive on the project. That's ok, though.

I managed a few minutes in the shop this afternoon and pulled the aileron spars down off of the shelf. I dimpled the replacement reinforcement plate and then riveted all four plates to the spars. It was at that point that I read the section in the directions that has you MATCH DRILL the aileron end ribs to the spars, right through the holes that are now dimpled. Ugh.

So I need to figure out some way to match drill these things with the dimpled holes. I may just order new spars and reinforcement plates. The holes I drilled for the bolts that attach the steel hinge brackets weren't perfect, so I wouldn't mind a do-over. We'll see...

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