Saturday July 26, 2008
Wing Misc (Wings)
1.0 Hours

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This morning, I spent about an hour piddling around in the garage. I drilled out a couple of rivets on the aileron attach brackets on the right wing and replaced them. I had squeezed them and mangled the heads in the process. The new ones I shot.

A few days ago I got an order from Van's with a bunch of extra hardware items, including the k1000-3 nutplates I ran out of on my fuel tank attachment Z-brackets. I riveted the remaining nutplates to the brackets and the spar on the inboard-most attach point. While I was at it, I deburred all of the brackets and bolt holes in the spar.

I've been helping my wife with her downstairs bathroom, working long hours at work, and working on my contract project, so I haven't had much time for the plane. Wednesday, I fly to Chicago and meet my buddy Nick for the trip up to Oshkosh. We'll spend Thursday and Friday there and then head back to Michigan where I'll catch up with family and friends before coming back to Colorado Monday morning. The following weekend, my parents will be here and my dad should be able to help me get some stuff done on the plane.

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