Wednesday August 6, 2008
Left Leading Edge Prep (Wings)
1.0 Hours

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What with my contract job, real work, and going to Oshkosh, I haven't gotten anything done on the plane, but that's OK. I saw tons of cool stuff at Oshkosh. This year, for the first time, I walked around the homebuilt parking/camping areas and took a really close look at the finished RVs. It was nice getting a real world perspective on how these things look when they're done. I think my build quality is higher than some of those planes (little ego/confidence boost there) and definitely lower than a lot.

The new Dynon next-gen EFIS system looks very cool. I like the sound of the new double-bus architecture with the AHRS and engine electronics separated out into their own little black boxes. I also like the new Dynon autopilot solution, since it integrates nicely with their panel and saves some money (I think) over TruTrak or Trio. I'm going to wait until much later in construction to make any decisions about my panel, though.

My folks are arriving tomorrow evening and my dad is gonna help me with riveting, so I spent an hour this evening prepping the left wing leading edge section for riveting. I got the holes in the ribs deburred, the outside of the skin deblued, and the holes in the skin deburred. Still need to do some touch up priming on the inside of the skin where it's scratched as well as dimple all of the holes. The plan is to rivet all of the ribs in the fuel tank and leading edge while he's here, and also finally roll the leading edge of the rudder.

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