Wednesday October 1, 2008
Leading Edge Riveting, Wing Skeleton Prep (Wings)
2.0 Hours

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After a (too long) break, I got back to work on the plane tonight. The good news is that the activity I was engaged in during the break will help to fund my purchase of the fuselage kit very soon.

First things first, though; tonight I began by riveting the spanwise rows of rivets on the top and bottom of the wing that connect the leading edge skin to the spar flange.

From the inside:

Then, I set about deburring all of the remaining holes in the wing skeleton (main spar, ribs, rear spar). There are a LOT of them.

All of the same holes now need to be dimpled (and a few on the spar countersunk). The skins also need to be deburred and dimpled. Not to mention that I still need to finish up the fuel tank.

It's good to be back!

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