Saturday October 4, 2008
More Wing Prep, Fuel Tank Misc
(1.8 Hours Fuel Tanks, 1.0 Hours Wings)
2.8 Hours Total

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This morning, I went and hung out at the airport for a while, chatting with local RV builders. Good times.

This afternoon, I finished deburring and dimpling the bottom skins from the left wing. Here's a random wing skin, to badly illustrate my point:

I finished countersinking for and riveting on these nutplates for the fuel tank access hole.

I attached that little electrical terminal to the capacitive fuel sender plate.

Then, I mixed up a small batch of Pro Seal and sealed in that connector.

As well as this BNC connector on the inboard-most fuel tank rib.

While I had some wet Pro Seal, I carefully inspected all of the rivet heads on the interior fuel tank ribs and added some goop where I thought it was needed.

When I switched wings in the jig, I didn't bother to switch the spar support arms to the other side (lazy). With the left wing on this side of the jig, though, there's interference between the top skin and the outboard rear-spar support. So I rigged up this arrangement to allow me to position the outboard rear-spar end when I check for twist.

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