Wednesday October 8, 2008
Riveting Inboard Fuel Tank Rib, Misc (Fuel Tanks)
2.0 Hours

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I finally ordered some replacement parts for the ailerons to replace the ones I wasn't happy with. Here are the new aileron spars.

As well as new steel brackets and alu reinforce plates. I also ordered some additional blind rivets to complete the rudder leading edge and some more wire terminals for the fuel tanks.

I bought a stubby philips screwdriver at Home Depot the other day, so I finished attaching the outboard fuel sender plate.

Then, I riveted the inboard fuel tank rib.

I shot the 1/8th rivets in the nose solo, again. I used to be so paranoid about shooting/bucking solo that I'd get Emily to help me for any little thing. Now, though, it's very nice to have the confidence to shoot simple things like these rivets without help.

Later, I started trying to get wire terminals on the wires in the tank. The one on the right was fine, but the one on the left, coming from the inboard rib, is too short to do anything with. I made a mistake by soldering it to the BNC connector too soon. I'm going to take the proseal off of the BNC connector, desolder it, and make a new wire. I'll put the wire terminal on outside the tank, then feed it through the grommet and solder it to the BNC connector.

I honestly don't remember what order I did this stuff in on the other tank, but it would have been good to put some more thought into it. Simply doing things in the right sequence can save you a lot of extra work and headache!

Oh, by the way, I'm planning to send in my fuselage order next week.

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