Sunday October 12, 2008
Finished Both Ailerons
(6.0 Hours Ailerons, 0.5 Hours Fuel Tanks)
6.5 Hours Total

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This afternoon after a fantastic breakfast out at a local cafe, I finished riveting the left aileron. All that remained were some squeezed rivets on the end ribs and the blind rivets along the spar. Looks great!

I then started working on the right aileron. I cleco'd it together and drilled everything. Here, a little later, I'm countersinking the counterweight pipe.

The counterweight pipe, nose skin, and nose ribs drying after priming. Notice that they're outside. I'm convinced the primer fumes in the garage yesterday threw my thought process completely off track.

I finished deburring and dimpling all of the parts. Here they are, ready to start going together.

Fast forward to later this evening, and here's the completed right aileron temporarily in place on the right wing. It looks awesome!

It swings so smoothly and everything lines up perfectly. This was a nice emotional boost, seeing the aileron in place on the wing.

I spent 30 minutes at some point today prepping the fuel tank for baffle installation. I'm planning to do that tomorrow, since I get Columbus Day off.

Also, I'm going to go find a Kinko's tomorrow morning and fax in my fuselage order!

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