Wednesday October 22, 2008
Fuel Tank Testing, Pushrods
(0.2 Hours Fuel Tanks, 0.5 Hours Wings)
0.7 Hours Total

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I haven't posted anything here in over a week! Ack! We were back in Berrien Springs this last weekend visiting people, which was absolutely great. Back to work on the plane tonight.

First thing I did was to seal up all of the orifices in the fuel tank and pressurize it with a balloon on the vent line. It looked great until I came back in later in the evening and the balloon had deflated. I'll try again tomorrow night with a spray bottle of soapy water to try and find the leak. My suspicion is it's at the fuel cap or where the balloon attaches to the vent line.

Then, I got back to work on the aileron pushrods. For some peace of mind, I primed all of the blind rivets that are used to attach the pushrods to the rod ends. After those had dried, I pulled those 24 rivets. Next, I'll prime the ends again.

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