Monday October 27, 2008
Left Wing Aileron Brackets, Flap Brace, Aileron Gap Fairing (Wings)
4.5 Hours

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These are the parts for the aileron hinge brackets... They get drilled and the angle stock gets primed where it sits against something (it's not alclad).

While the primer was drying, I prepped and drilled the flap brace and aileron gap fairing.

Here's the two aileron hinge brackets assembled off of the wing.

The inboard bracket riveted to the wing...

The outboard bracket attached...

Then, I riveted the flap brace to the wing, shooting and bucking the rivets solo.

And finally, I riveted the aileron gap fairing in place. All of its rivets can be squeezed.

There's not much left to do on the wings besides the stuff I'm putting off... If I get ambitious in the next month and a half while waiting for the fuselage, I may look at working on the empennage fiberglass tips... maybe.

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