Friday December 5, 2008
More Shop Stuff (Shop Setup)

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I've found time in the garage here and there to work on the stuff I want to get done before the fuselage shows up.

I finished building the other two sawhorses. They came out better (i.e. less wobbly) than the first one. They're all very strong, though.

I was tired of stuff falling off of the lower shelves of my work benches any time I moved them or used power tools on them, so I added a little 4" lip to the edge of all three of them.

Finally, last night, I built these two small 1'x4' shelves where the cork board had been, to hold miscellaneous stuff that always seems to end up on my work benches. This way, that stuff is out of the way and the benches are free for real work.

Here, you can see the way I've rearranged the front of the shop. The workbench with the power tools is in the middle, so I can use the bench grinder without hitting the wall. The toolbox is on the left now, so it isn't blocking access to part of the shelving on the other wall. Sorry for the poor quality of this photo, the flash on my camera has given up.

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