Sunday December 14, 2008
Firewall Priming, Riveting (Firewall)
6.7 Hours

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I began today by countersinking all of the angle and gussets that sit against the firewall.

Here they all are, prepped for priming, which I did.

I also dimpled the firewall and, in the process, managed to hammer my hand pretty good. Ouch.

Then, it was time to start riveting. Here's the lower angle partially riveted to the firewall. I squeezed these rivets.

I continued riveting everything else using a back riveting plate and the rivet gun.

It was cold today...note the outside temperature of 0.9 deg Fahrenheit.

I finished riveting everything except the firewall recess (the big hole), which you save for later, and the two F-601J brackets at the bottom. For some reason, the rivets on those just weren't coming out right. After drilling out a number of them, I was getting really frustrated and decided that further effort would be counterproductive. I'll try it with a fresh outlook tomorrow.

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