Monday December 15, 2008
Finished Firewall, Started F-704 Bulkhead
(1.2 Hours Bulkheads, 0.8 Hours Firewall)
2.0 Hours Total

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I got to work finishing the firewall riveting tonight. I clamped the bracket and firewall to the back-riveting plate to make sure everything was flush.

These rivets ended up being a piece of cake and the firewall is finished (if you ignore the firewall recess, which gets riveted in later)!

It's now relaxing on the downstairs guest bed.

Next up: the F-704 bulkhead, which sits directly under the seats in the cockpit and to which the main wing spars attach. Most of this bulkhead was manufactured along with the main wing spars (to assure exact alignment) and arrived with the wing kit over two years ago. I found all of the F-704 parts and carefully studied the plans.

First up, you drill a bunch (12) of holes for grommets where wires will later pass through.

With the grommets in place...

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