Wednesday December 17, 2008
Bolted Control Column to F-704 (Bulkheads)
0.5 Hours

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I spent half an hour this evening figuring out the right combination of washers to use to bolt the control column WD-610 to the aft F-704 cross piece. It took a bit of finagling to get the washers in place. I'm picking up some washer wrenches to make it easier in the future.

The camera lens makes the brackets look angled, but they're not. They're almost perfectly square to the control column.

I also reamed out the control column brass bushings to 1/4". My 1/4" reamer made this a piece of cake.

I placed an order with Avery for some miscellaneous stuff including the SafeAir1 static/pitot plumbing kit (I elected to skip the Van's static system), pitot mount, and washer wrenches (see above) while they have their xmas sales going on. 12% off and free shipping!

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