Thursday January 1, 2009
More F-706 Fiddling (Bulkheads)
0.8 Hours

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My dad got me a brand new Canon point and shoot for my birthday. It's essentially a much upgraded model of my old camera. Plus, the flash works!

In honor of the new camera, I've increased the size of the images you view when you click any of the pictures on this site. This doesn't go for the old entries...just pictures I include from now on.

I drilled the angle to the F-728 channel.

Then, I clecoed the whole bellcrank support assembly together.

I noticed this issue where the F-729 rib attaches to the bottom of the bulkhead. The flange sticks out a bit and comes very close to these holes that later attach a baggage area support rib.

I'm not sure if I simply need to grind down the flange a bit to provide more clearance. The other possibility is that the rib was mis-bent at the factory. I'll probably send a pic to Van's and see what they say.

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