Tuesday January 20, 2009
F-707/8 Riveting, F-706 Drilling (Bulkheads)
2.0 Hours

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Tonight, for something easy to do, I riveted the F-707 and F-708 bulkhead halves together. They're done for now.

Then, I pulled out the F-706 assembly again and carefully clamped the F-729C angle in place.

I drilled the one hole through the F-729B angle.

Then, match-drilled the three other holes in the F-729C.

The response from Van's on the issue with these holes and the flange of F-729A was that this is normal and I should notch the rib a bit, so I did that.

I riveted the F-729B angle to the F-729A rib. Easy and satisfying.

I countersunk the F-729C angle holes where there are flush rivets.

Finally, I cleaned and primed F-729C and F-728B.

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