Monday June 1, 2009
Worked on F-706 Bulkhead (Bulkheads)
0.8 Hours

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Hello, again. Yes, it's been a while--too long--since I last worked on the airplane. Various things, including a lack of motivation, conspired to keep me from the shop.

Let's not dwell on that, though, and instead focus on new progress. I got the shop all cleaned up yesterday.

This afternoon, after work, I got back to work on the F-706 bulkhead. I cleco'd the whole thing together again to make sure I had all of the pieces and that everything was drilled.

Then, I finished deburring and dimpling the pieces that still needed it and then started riveting.

Unfortunately, I wasn't being careful and let this flange ride up.

Then it was time for supper. More soon...

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