Sunday June 7, 2009
More F-705 Bulkhead Drilling and Riveting (Bulkheads)
2.9 Hours

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I riveted these angles to the F-705F top piece. The drawings refer to these as "seat adjustment supports."

I drilled the F-705D's for the rudder cable pass-through and then riveted on the nutplates.

Then I cleco'd the entire F-705 assembly together and started drilling. The F-705G angle pieces have to get drilled, so I carefully clamped them in place and back-drilled from the F-705D/E/F pieces.

They came out perfectly.

Also had to drill out this slot. Some part of the canopy latch system sticks through this eventually.

Then I started riveting. There are a lot of rivets on this bulkhead that have to be done later, hence the tape.

I cleaned up the slot in the F-705G angles.

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