Sunday June 14, 2009
Finished F-710, F-705; Started F-711 (Bulkheads)
3.8 Hours

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I finished fabricating the F-710 bar and back-drilled it to the F-710 bulkhead.

While primer was drying on the F-710 angle, I riveted the F-705 bar and bar doubler to the F-705 bulkhead. Numerous holes are left open for riveting with other parts.

I dug out these UHMW plastic pieces that support the flap rod and drilled them to the F-705 bulkhead. They get bolted on later, with the flap assembly.

I primed the F-705 angle supports. These get riveted later.

The F-705 is finally done (for now).

I riveted the F-710 bulkhead together. It's done for now.

Next, I dug out the pieces for the F-711 bulkhead. It has these two bulkhead pieces that get riveted back-to-back.

F-711 also includes these two pieces of bar stock that get riveted to the two bulkhead parts above.

I clamped everything together and back-drilled the bars.

Easy stuff...

You have to cut out this part in the middle where the elevator pushrod will pass through later.

I got the bar pieces primed and one half of the bulkhead deburred before I called it a day.

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