Thursday June 18, 2009
Longeron Bending, Part 1 (Longerons)
0.8 Hours

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So, the time had arrived. It was time to start the dreaded task of bending the longerons.

I started out by cutting out the template and gluing it to some stiff cardboard.

Then, I configured the shop for bending. I positioned the table with the vise in the right spot and taped some plastic to the jaws of the vise to prevent scratching the longerons.

Then I got to it, clamping the longeron at one inch intervals and applying a bending force by hand. Here is where I got it before I stopped for the night. Unfortunately, when you bend this angle in one axis, it tends to also bend in the other. So, although it looks pretty close to the template, I have to remove a significant bend in the vertical axis, as well.

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