Sunday August 20, 2006
Shop & Tools
(Purchases, Shop Setup)

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The pneumatic rivet squeezer, air drill, and two of the squeezer yokes came yesterday. That leaves just the longeron yoke on back order.

I built a couple of 2x8' plywood shelves to store the empennage parts out of the way while I work, added two electrical outlets to the power-tool bench, hung two 4x4' sheets of peg-board on the wall, and put up a cork board to use for displaying the plans.

The only remaining detail of the shop to work out is the air compressor. The problem is that the thing trips the circuit breaker for the garage every time it tries to start. This house has terrible electrical circuitry, with the garage circuit being shared with other parts of the house, and I'm considering adding a new dedicated air compressor circuit. I also need to finalize the air compressor location and route the air hoses with a permanent spot for the moisture filter and oil fogger in-line adapters.

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