Friday July 10, 2009
Cleco'd Aft Fuselage, Started Center Fuselage Tasks
(0.5 Hours Aft Fuselage, 1.8 Hours Center Fuselage)
2.3 Hours Total

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I started by cleco'ing the aft section of the aft fuselage back together. Now I need Emily to help me with riveting.

In the meantime, I moved on with center fuselage tasks. You start by fabricating these little aluminum spacers.

Four, in total.

Next up, I modified four of the seat area ribs as specified. You can see the modified rib on the right and the stock rib on the left.

Two of the modified ribs get further changed by slicing out a little section of the rib. This is necessary to allow the installation of the control rod system later.

Here are the four modified seat ribs.

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