Saturday July 11, 2009
Center Fuselage Fabricating, Drilling (Center Fuselage)
7.0 Hours

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First thing this morning, I spot primed the seat ribs for the nutplates and then riveted the nutplates.

Next step: cleco the seat ribs to the aft half of the F-704.

Then, I clecoed the F-705 bulkhead and baggage area ribs to the assembly.

I cleco'd all of that to the bottom center skin and drilled out all of the skin to rib/bulkhead holes.

The outboard ribs in the baggage area come undrilled and need to be trimmed slightly.

Drilled and trimmed...

I fabricated two straps on each rib that tie them to the surrounding bulkheads. This is the fore strap.

And the aft strap.

I hadn't ever created these little spacer tubes that fit between the two halves of the F-704, so I did that.

I also cut a couple of pieces of 2x6 to serve as faux spars between the F-704s and then attached the fore F-704 half to the rest of the assembly.

Once that was done, it appeared that my 2x6 spacers are a bit too wide and are preventing the fore F-704 half from clecoing to the bottom skin. I need to remove the bolts, sand down the spacers, and try again.

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