Thursday November 26, 2009
Finished Aft Fuse Riveting, Mated Center Section
(1.8 Hours Aft Fuselage, 1.8 Hours Center Fuselage)
3.5 Hours Total

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We finished riveting the aft fuselage up to the upper stiffener on either side.

More finished rivets...

Then we got down the longerons. I had not previously notched them around the vertical bars on that aft bulkhead, so we took some time and did that. We also had to slightly enlarge the longeron slots in the forward three bulkheads. Then, we slipped the longerons into place.

Another shot showing the longerons sticking out of the front.

Next, with a lot of pushing and pulling, we mated up the center fuselage with the aft fuselage.

Finally, we cleco'd on the two forward side skins--this required a lot of adjusting as well.

This is looking really cool!

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