Sunday November 29, 2009
Forward Fuselage Longeron Drilling (Forward Fuselage)
5.1 Hours

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My dad helped me drill the main longerons through the upper engine mount brackets on both sides.

Then, we carefully fit and drilled the F-713 auxiliary longerons. These required a little trimming.

Then, it was time for him to leave. He's been great this past week helping me out with the project. It will be lonely in the shop without him.

Next, I got to work on F-719 stiffeners. First, I fab'd these two F-719B brackets.

Then, carefully aligned and drilled the stiffener and brackets to the side skin.

Here's a close-up that shows how the bracket connects the stiffener to the firewall.

And here it is with the firewall to bracket hole also drilled.

Same deal on the other side.

Next, I started working on the F-717 lower longerons. First, I fabricated the left one from angle stock. Then, I clamped it into place and carefully drilled the four 3/16" bolt holes into the lower engine mount bracket.

Another view showing the various longerons and stiffeners in the forward fuselage.

My 3/16" reamer made nice round holes.

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