Monday November 30, 2009
Forward Fuse Longerons and Gussets (Forward Fuselage)
2.8 Hours

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I started tonight by fabricating the second F-717 lower longeron. The plans have you remove one side of the angle. I started by drilling a 1/4" hole in the corner.

Then, I cut to the hole with the band saw...

And filed/polished it down.

Then, I clamped it in place and drilled the four 3/16" bolt holes.

Next, I started working on the F-684 gussets. These sit down in the lower front corners of the forward fuselage and provide added support. This is the part you start with.

A bunch of measuring, cutting, and drilling later, you end up with this. Two holes are a bit minimal on edge distance, but I believe it's ok.

And here's the other one installed.

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